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What Are the Different Kinds of California Solar Rebates?
February 6, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a house that takes advantage of California solar rebates.

Switching your home to solar power not only benefits the environment but helps homeowners to lower their utility costs. Many individuals are hesitant to install a solar array because of the high up-front cost. When you work with an experienced solar company, they’ll help you take advantage of all the California solar rebates available to lower the initial cost of installation.

Using rebates, you can enjoy the money-saving benefits of solar energy sooner. Not only does using solar lower your energy costs, but it also provides consistent power during increasing unpredictability from California’s electrical grid. Even during blackouts and rolling brownouts during peak hours, homes with solar arrays experience constant, self-generated energy. Keep reading to learn more about the California solar rebates available to make solar installation affordable.

Best-in-nation solar rebates

Nationwide, California offers the best rebates and incentives to homeowners who install solar energy. Because of the high energy needs across the state, every home that switches to solar, self-generated energy relieves the demand on the energy grid. State-wide solar-generated power is one way of tackling climate change. Making an individual switch to solar is one way of making sustainable changes for a future with reduced energy consumption.

Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion

Until 2025, when you install a solar panel array in your home, you’re exempt from property taxes equal to the amount the solar panel array increases your property value. One concern when switching to solar energy is the increased taxes as your property value goes up.

The sooner you install a solar panel array, the more years you can take advantage of the Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion. You get the benefits of increasing your property value without the added tax burden.

Net Metering Programs

Many homeowners don’t realize that they may produce more electricity than they consume at home. You can reduce your energy use by installing Energy Star-rated appliances and using LED light bulbs.

Many California energy providers will purchase the excess at retail rates when you produce more electricity than you use. These programs sometimes come with an enrollment fee and often require transferring your account to time-of-use energy costs.

Solar Switch works with homeowners to educate them about the full range of benefits of installing a custom solar array.

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

In California, homeowners are eligible for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). While it’s slowly being phased out, the sooner you take advantage of the Solar ITC, the greater the benefit will be. Established in 2005, the Energy Policy Act provided funds to cover up to 30 percent of the cost of installing solar arrays. However, since 2020, the rebate amount has gone down every year.

In 2022, California solar rebates from the ITC are 26 percent of the total cost of installation. By 2024, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit will likely be eliminated, so the sooner homeowners take advantage of it, the better.

Solar Switch helps homeowners switch to solar power with California solar rebates.

Work with a team of experts to learn more about how solar power works and get a customized array for your home. We make installing solar panels easy and help homeowners take advantage of all the rebates available in California. Not all solar arrays are the same, which is why our team performs on-site consultations to evaluate a property for solar potential and optimize the panel output. Our goal is to deliver the full range of solar benefits to our customers, including lowering their utility costs and providing consistent power––even during brown and blackouts.

Learn more about the solar potential for your home by working with Solar Switch. We’ll help you take full advantage of available California solar rebates.