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Incorporating solar installation into Monterey roof repair
November 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Workers making San Diego roof repairs while installing solar panels.

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great investment when you’re looking to save on your electric bills and potentially move toward becoming more energy-independent. Right now, there are major federal incentives in place to make this switch a worthwhile one for homeowners, and depending on what state you’re living in, there may be even more benefits involved for you.

Your ability to make that investment, though, depends largely on your roof. It needs to meet the right conditions to make a solar installation worthwhile, or the process could become prohibitively costly for you.

Solar Switch offers both solar panel installation and roof repair in Monterey CA for homeowners whose only obstacle to going solar is getting their roof fixed up. Read on to find out whether this might be the right way to go for you!

Do you have the right roof for solar?

A lot of people today know the benefits of going solar. Its environmental benefits are why the federal government tries to make installations more affordable by offering substantial tax credits to homeowners who receive them, and why many states follow suit with similar incentives.

The problem is that not everyone is necessarily able to go solar. For the installation to be worth the time and expense for both you and the company you’re working with, your roof needs to meet certain criteria. We’ve written about this on our blog before, but to reiterate, it all comes down to your roof’s age, weight capacity, and size.

An aging roof, or one made out of non-sturdy materials, might not hold up well under the weight of the solar panels. Even for a strong, relatively new roof, though, there needs to be enough surface area to fit the number of panels necessary to generate a sufficient amount of electricity for your home.

If repairs are the only thing needed for your roof to be in the right condition for a solar installation, you may be tempted to just get them done before worrying much about the installation. You’ll be paying more, though, for repair work that likely isn’t taking factors like the placement of the panels into consideration.

It’s more worthwhile to consider an option more suited to the overall project that will ultimately cost you less money: getting your panels installed WITH your repairs.

Why it’s worth it to install solar when you repair your roof

The convenience and value of installing solar as your roof is repaired is exactly why companies like ours offer these services together.

The total combined cost of roof repairs and solar installation individually can amount to as much as about $30,000. When they’re offered together in a singular project, though, this cost often goes down to about $25,000 before any government incentives are applied. These initial savings often come from company incentives and discounts, as mentioned in this post on

A new roof and a new solar system also both tend to have a similar lifespan of about 25-30 years. This matters mainly because the costs of removing and reinstalling residential solar panels average around $1,500-$6,000, in addition to your roof repair costs. As a result, getting the initial installation and repairs done together saves you thousands of dollars in potential future work.

Get repaired and go solar with Solar Switch

When you need roof repairs in Monterey and want a solar panel system on your home, trust Solar Switch to get the job done right. We’ll handle both services as one full project, saving you the expense of finding an outside contractor and guaranteeing that your roof will be properly prepared for the installation. Book a free consultation with us now to find out how we can help you.